International media myth about Nuclear Program


While Pakistan is prospering, the entire world is praising the uncountable efforts of Pakistan for fighting a war of peace and successfully wiping out terrorism and bringing in foreign investment and International cricket back in Pakistan, some foreign terrorist funded proxies cannot bare the fact that Pakistan is a peace loving country which is resorting peace in the region. International media have aroused the myth about Pakistan’s intentional involvement in selling of nuclear program to Saudi Arabia which can be a disaster for world’s peace, which is in fact a conspiracy to distract world attention from the regaining of peace in Pakistan and not letting foreigners to invest in Pakistan by creating a negative image of Pakistan that we are not peace supporters. But every neutral person of the world is well aware of the fact that Pakistan is a supporter and effective member of team to restore peace.  Our government has already formally rejected the allegations as we have a strong command and control system in which not a single individual can violate the rule. Our foreign office spokes person Qazi Khalillulah has said

“Pakistan’s nuclear programme was purely for its own legitimate self-defence and for maintaining a credible minimum deterrence”.

Pakistan’s nuclear program is meant for its security and there is no doubt that we have strong command and control system over it in which everyone is bound to follow the SOP. Pakistan is an independent state which is well aware of its responsibilities being a nuclear state; International media has been involved in an entirely baseless and mischievous campaign about Pakistan’s indigenous nuclear program.  Such news which is far away from reality is continuation of an old campaign against Pakistan’s nuclear falling into wrong hands. Pakistan has been atomic power since 1998 and being an atomic power Pakistan is well aware of the conditions levied on atomic powers. Our nuclear assets are for our own protection, they are not a useless material or a toy which can be smuggled and given to any country. It’s our asset and we will use it for our own defense. We reject the conspiracy theories and world should accept the fact rather than believing on myth. Pakistan was not ready to send their army for fighting against Yemen, so how can anyone think that we will give our nuclear assets to the same country, it might be any other country which is having good relation with Pak but having a friendship doesn’t means that we will hand over our nuclear assets or any member of the nuclear team will smuggle them.


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