Peaceful Pak will ensure progressive Pak


What world dreams about is blessed by the nature to Pakistan, 4 seasons, fertile land, beautiful landscapes, a small land of 796,095 km² which consist of everything; deserts, mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, minerals, fertile area of Punjab, natural beauty, dam, rivers, salt mines, coal mines. Northern areas of Pakistan are on one the world’s best places to visit, tourism industry can generate much revenue from such places but still the places are un-developed and lack infra-structure which is a primary responsibility of government to concentrate on the infra-structure of such areas rather than destroying the natural beauty of capital territory to build up metro projects. Places like Kashmir, Gilgit, Hunza are heaven on earth where still the mountains lye vacant and the beautiful resorts are looking for tourists to visit them. The only thing ruining all these factors is terrorism. In recent years Pakistan has been a victim of terrorism where we lost several important and innocent lives of civilians. To make Pakistan peaceful, an individual should start from his own contribution rather than sitting and dreaming of government to ensure peace. The question lies how can individual contribute? It has a very simple answer that each and every individual should work for a cause, not only for their personal benefit. If every citizen of Pakistan applies this formula, I can guarantee that corruption will be 0% and Pakistan will prosper. Then remains the question a fighting a war against terrorism which have been already answered by our Pakistan Army! The sacrifices of Capt Qasim Zia Shaheed and Capt Akash Rabbani shaheed are an answer to this question. We can see in past as soon as the terrorist activities were declined foreign investment entered Pakistan; International cricket gained its footsteps back in Pakistan. This means that peaceful Pakistan will surely ensure progressive Pakistan. There is no doubt in the fact that only a secure Pakistan can be a prosperous Pakistan. By the immense sacrifices and efforts of Law Enforcement Agencies Pakistan is gaining its lost position back. Operation ZarbEAzb in North Waziristan, Sindh Rangers operation in Karachi against target killers, FC’s operation against militants in Balochistan is just for the prosperous Pakistan. Fruits of these operations are already witnessed by the Pakistani nation in form of Pak vs Zim cricket matches, 46 billion dollars Chinese investment and many others coming shortly in future. Previously after the Swat operation army has built Cadet College, infra-structure in Swat which have made possible for tourists to visit Swat annually during their cultural weeks.  Very soon after the operation roads will be built by FWO connecting northern areas which will give immense boost to tourism industry. Blood of the vigilant son of the soil will not go vain, the blood will pay-off and Pakistan will be soon peaceful which will be a guarantee to the very next step of ensuring progressive Pakistan because progressive Pakistan is ensured by peaceful Pakistan. Being a citizen of Pakistan lets aim to bring prosperity in Pakistan by collectively working against the anti-Pakistan lobbies.



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