Foreign Proxies taking last breath

Earlier COAS have warned the foreign agencies trying to destabilize the peace of Pakistan to stay away, RAW have been badly exposed in front of all over the world. Now no one should doubt that RAW was the main culprit promoting terrorism in Pakistan, numerous terrorist attacks were carried out by the Indian intelligence agencies and have openly left people like Altaf Hussain and Mir Shakeel to cut the roots of our country but now this matter have been bought up in Corp Commander meeting which means foreign proxies trying to destabilize Pakistan are in hot water and will be bought up to task very soon!  Pakistan was never a supporter of terrorism, yet it was the most effected member of terrorism. Earlier before 2011 cricket world cup India made propaganda by attacking Sri Lankan cricket team because Pakistan was to host a world cup in the upcoming year which would have bought revenue to for country. This act of foreign proxies destalized the peace of Pakistan and International cricket was banned from Pakistan for 6 years. Now foreign proxies have been exposed and immense action is taken against them, Pakistan is fighting a war of terror with full devotion and dedication and by the tiring efforts of LEAs peace is started to regain its strength in the region. Foreign investment is coming, International cricket is back, successful operation without any political pressure is underway in Karachi, Balochistan is being cleared from miscreants and 90% of the North Waziristan area has been cleared, IDPs are to very soon return back. The sponsors of terrorism in our state are being strictly dealt. The MOU signed between Pakistan and Afghanistan’s spy agencies ISI-NDS holds an immense value to root out foreign proxies. This MOU was a nightmare for foreign proxies which have turned into reality and have caused foreign proxies involved in working on the agenda to destabilize peace of the region to take their last breath. By the signing of MOU Pak-Kyrgyzstan will boost up the trade ties as this agreement was a cementing relation of the both countries. There is no doubt that India have been gaining advantage of Durand line and have promoting terrorism from that route but by the effective hard work and dedication of Pakistan Armed forces much of the area have been cleared and very soon all of the terrorists will be wiped out from the region. We can see a very bright future of Pakistan, terrorism is almost wiped out from the region and as stated by COAS the fight is not ours, it’s for the upcoming generations. Many vigilant son of the soil lost their life in fighting a war for the upcoming generations but their blood have not gone vain, we can very confidently say that foreign proxies are taking last breath by the numerous efforts of Law Enforcement agencies.


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