Support LEAs for peaceful Pak

Eid-message.-Pakistani-Army-2013 It maybe Eid or any public holiday, everyone is willing to join their families and spend the joyful moments with them but there are few people who loves to spend their such special occasions on the borders, protecting their motherland because without their contribution not a single second of peace can be spent. The fact remains that those sacrificing their happiness are also normal human beings who want to enjoy each and every second of their life but they are. Why? For their personal benefit? NO! Just for us, the nation so that we can freely live and roam within our country. It maybe world’s highest battle field 5,753 m (18,875 ft) above sea level Siachen where temperature falls below minus 50 or Waziristan where you can be attacked from any side, the LEAs troops are always serving with devotion and dedication. Not only for war, whenever any disaster hits the country LEAs are serving on the frontline while the politicians are busy criticizing each other. Not only within the country, even for the other countries our LEA’s troops are always ready, it maybe UN mission in Africa or any disaster in other countries LEA’s are always ready to help. The latest example of Nepal earthquake is in front of everyone, Pak Army’s efforts were even applauded by the Nepal’s Chief of Army Staff. Being a civilians what we can do is support our LEAs who are working day and night to prosper Pakistan and maintain peace and prosperity for the upcoming generation. People like Capt Qasim Zia stepped onto IED where he lost his 2 legs and left arm and got martyred, he sacrificed his life and family for the sake of our motherland, for the sake of upcoming generations, so that they can live in a peaceful Pakistan! People like him don’t want their upcoming Pakistani generation to live a life as we are, where unexpectedly a bomb can blast at any time. With the tiring efforts of Pak Army with a year they have made operation ZarbEAzb successful by clearing 90% of the FATA area from miscreants and have bought a huge foreign investment of China in Pakistan and the returning of International cricket in Pakistan is an evidence that the hardwork on the LEAs have paid-off. An army cannot win a war until the nation stands along them, being a nation its our obligation to stand along our troops, build up their morale and support them. Even a word of comfort for the troops serving on the borders will be more than enough to boost up their morale.  LEAs are the only hope for the nation, they are the ones on whom the entire nation depends, and they will surely fully eliminate terrorism from all parts of the country. Currently operation ZarbEAzb and Khyber II are being conducted in FATA, an operation is launched by FC in Balochistan and by Sindh Rangers in Karachi. We are fully  confident that by the support of civilian’s and sacrifices of vigialnt son of the soil we will very soon bring peace back to Pakistan and kick-out the terrorists and their sympathizers from our motherland. Presentation1


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