Fruits of Country wide Operations!


Pakistan defense forces have been continuously indulged in a war against terror. Every time there is a terrorist attack Pak Army is on the front line to serve the nation! Recently is if we see Pak Army have conducted very successful military operations in Swat valley where cadet college have been built and infra-structure have been developed. Pak Army have successfully bought back the peace costing several lives of their officers and jawans.

Currently FC have launched operation against militants in Balochistan, Army in North Waziristan and Sindh Rangers in Karachi which are successfully carried out.

Few years back after the attack on Sri Lankan cricket team no one was ready to come to Pakistan, every second day roars of bullets and thunder of bombs were heard by the citizens of Pakistan. Children were afraid of going to schools after the bomb blast of International Islamic University Islamabad but by the successful operation of FATA, ZarbeAzb it seems peace is returning back to Pakistan. Recently the visit of Chinese President is a fruit of operation ZarbeAzb. In his visit to Pakistan, Chinese President Mr Xi- Jinping applauded the efforts of Pak Army to eliminate terrorism and making this visit possible. Visit of Chinese President to Pakistan have bought very heavy and huge investment, which will eliminate the problem of load shading and unemployment in Pakistan and all of the credit goes to operations carried of by security forces in the various parts of the country. China is ready to invest such a huge amount in our country which means they have confidence that there money is safe in Pakistan, for the protection of their company to be set in Pakistan, our Army is providing battalions to them which means that they are feeling same and comfortable to come and work in Pakistan. More over Saudi forcing Pakistani Army to fight against Yemen means that Saudi have seen the efforts of Pak Army in North Waziristan where they have cleared 90% of the area from militants that’s why they wanted Pak Army to fight on their behalf. In Balochistan foreign eyes are looking onto the minerals gifted by the nature and foreign powers are trying to destabilize the peace of the region but our security forces will not let their aim come true. Already FC have launched an effective operation against the militants and will very shortly eliminate them after which peace will return to the region and Pakistan can get a lot of benefit by utilizing the natural minerals present in the surface of Balochistan!

Recently Kenya cricket team have visited Pakistan and in future Zimbabwe is visiting Lahore for playing ODIs which means that International cricket is also back in Pakistan. Australian Army cricket team was also in Pakistan couple of weeks ago, all of these visits were possible just due to the efforts of defense forces who performed their duty with full sincerity and devotion and terrorism activities are decreased to such a great extent that local investment is coming to Pakistan and internal teams are also returning!

InshAllah very soon by the great efforts of our army we will fully eliminate terrorism from the region! We stand along our army!


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