Pakistan Army relief efforts


It maybe the disastrous earthquake of 8th Oct 2005 7.6 or Swat flood, it maybe the thunder storm or it maybe avalanche fall or it might be land sliding, when the nation see’s men in CCD advancing towards them it’s a sign of relief, they know that now we are in safe hands and they will rescue us because men in Green care for their nation more then their lives. They go there, where death fears to go!

The public of Pakistan have always witnessed that whenever the country is in bad situation, no one advance towards them except army. Nepal was hit by a massive earth quake ranged 7.8 on the scale and Pakistan Army responded quickly and sent C-130 aircraft carrying tents, doctors, rescue teams and other basic necessities for the victims of Nepal. Soon after that a day ago Peshawar was hit by a tragic storm which costed several lives in which while politicians were busy in playing blame games and asking each other to advance towards Peshawar, Pak Army responded without thinking whether its KPK or Punjab, one thing was in their mind i.e SERVING THE NATION WITH DEDICATION. They facilitated people of Peshawar by transferring the injured ones to the hospitals and rescuing others. Soon the destroyed houses will be re-built. Politicians were busy in playing blame game and Pak Army performed their duty with honesty and dedication even then some hypocrites were criticizing Pak Army because the spokes person of Pak Army tweeted about the efforts of Pak Army in Peshawar. It by some so-called patriots “Army was showing off”

No doubt how much our army contributes, yet people criticize their army but the fact remains that our country cannot survive without such a great Army!

During the flood times 68000 tons of rations was collected and distributed including 2300 tons of rations from Army’s quots, 60000 Army troops were employed in rescue and relief operation, 69 helicopters transported critical relief supplies to cut off areas, over 100 Army relief camps were working across the country, over 8 lack people were safetly evacuated and event the animals were vaccinated.

Not only in Pakistan, whenever where ever Pakistan Army feels they respond and help th effective people for the sake of humanity! Their work is not only limited till fighting wars on borders, they even indulge in matters inside the country where police fails or rescue teams fail, they voluntarily help the nation by giving their best!

Longlive Pak Army!


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