Pak-China corridor and its impacts on economy

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The name ‘Corridor’ suggests a gateway or a passage that connects the two separate countries, continents or regions. This ‘economic corridor’ will not be the first in history.

In past China have been always there when ever Pakistan needed, it holds much importance to assist Pakistan whenever we faced crisis. At the current stage Pakistan is facing many problems such as terrorism due to which no one wants to invest in Pakistan, load shading crisis, unemployment.

The main problem that caused all problems is terrorism against which Pakistan Army is fighting with full devotion and dedication. After the problem of terrorism especially attack on Sri Lankan cricket team no one was even ready to come to Pakistan, ever second day the nation witnessed bomb attacks. It may be on parade lane or GHQ or hotels like Marriott. Pak army has sacrificed their lives to bring peace in the region and have succeeded in it. 15th June 2014, the day when final operation against terrorist was launched, till date we all have witnessed a massive decline in the terrorist’s activities. It was all due to the devotion and dedication of Pak army jawans and officers who fought bravely to bring peace in the region. Visit of Kenya’s International cricket team to Pakistan, John Kerry’s visit, Afghan Presidents visit, Afghan COAS’s visit to Kakul and presently visit of Chinese President to Pakistan means terrorism have been eliminated to a very large scale as there is huge decline in the activities of terrorists which have caused these people to visit Pakistan.

Yesterday Chinese President Mr Xi Jinping was warmly welcomed by Pakistanis. COAS, Chief Admiral, Air Marshall, Prime minister, President and other ministers were present at Islamabad airport to warmly welcome him.

Xi Jinping have said that there money is safe in Pakistan and they are ready to make heavy investments in Pakistan. Investment include the Thar project from where a huge amount of electricity can be generated at half cost which will most likely to boost the economy of our country. Moreover setting up industry to generate power plant will solve the problem of unemployment as a lot of the workers will be paid amount for working in the industry. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is an under-construction development program to connect Gwadar Port in southern Pakistan to China’s northwestern autonomous region of Xinjiang via highways, railways and pipelines to transport oil and gas.
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang was among the first advocates of the project; since then Chinese President Xi Jinping. When the corridor is constructed it will serve as a primary gateway for trade between China and the Middle East and Africa. In particular oil from the Middle East could be offloaded at Gwadar, which is located just outside the mouth of the Persian Gulf, and transported to China through the Balochistan province in Pakistan. Such a link would vastly cut the 12,000-kilometre route that Mideast oil supplies must now take to reach Chinese ports.

Documents show that China has promised to invest around $33.8 billion in various energy projects and $11.8 billion in infrastructure projects which will be completed by 2017 at most. The deal includes $622 million for Gwadar port. Under the CPEC agreement, $15.5 billion worth of coal, wind, solar and hydro energy projects will add 10,400 megawatts of energy to the national grid of Pakistan.
Physically, the corridor is a 2,700-Kilometre highway that stretches from Kashghar to Gwadar through Khunjrab. But in essence, these road and rail links will further strengthen the bond of brotherhood, as highlighted by the two governments. China Pakistan Economic Corridor from Kashgar to Gwadar will integrate the economies of the two friendly countries.


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