Anti Army Campaign on Media

army zindabad

Newly born state of Pakistan, 1948. India attacks…… “Pak fauj ko bulao”.

1965 war “Pak fauj ko bulao”

*Noor Jahan sings songs on the border * “YAR 1965 KI JANG HUM NOOR JAHAN K MOTIVATIONAL SONGS SAY JEETAY THY” Media… means Nishan-e-Haider Noor Jahan ko milna chahye tha Major Raja Aziz Bhatti shaheed ko nahe.

Ok! If our media is giving credit of 1965’s victory to Noor Jahan, why didn’t they called any singer in Swat operation? Hmmmm now media will call us extremists in fact we are realistic.

Let me tell you an incident of 1965 Indo-Pak war about which I’m damn sure media would not have shown. When Indians were advancing towards Lahore in 1965, our officer was badly injured and was listening to Indians wire-less conversation. Indians Colonel was saying “shabash shabash aagay barho. Chand qadmoo pr Lahore hay” at that time Lahore was about 14 km away. Our injured officer got up, pulled out the slab on which it was written “Lahore 14Miles” advanced towards Indian and added .2 (POINT 2) with his blood and wrote “14.2 bloody miles” and Indians couldn’t cross that point. But what is media busy in? “Fauj mulk ka budget khaa jati hy” telling such unrealistic news to the world?

Then comes 1971 war, “Pak fauj ko bulao” … 1999 ‘Kargil war’. The hero of the war Captain Kernel Sher Khan Shaheed Nishan-e-Haider the hero to whom Indians paid tribute;

‘Shahadat ke bad jab chand Indian fojiyon ne un ki lash ko thokar marne ki koshish ki to un ke commanding officer ne unhen rok deya aur kaha ke ye aik bahadur insan ka jasd e khaki hai aur is ki behurmati kisi qemat par nahi ki jani chaheye. Us ne hokum deya ke Captain Karnal Sher Khan ka jism yahan para rehne deya jane ke bajaye Srinagar laya jaye. Shahadat ke bad un k wajod ko dushman ki taraf se bhi pori izat o ehtaram se nawaza gaya. Us ne teriri tor par Captain Karnal Sher Khan ki bahaduri ka eteraf kiya aur kaha ke ye nojawan mutahiq hai ke ese mulk ke sab se bare foji ezaz se nawaza jaye. Is ki likhi hoi ye tehrir aaj bhi Captain Karnal Sher Khan ke khandan ke pas mehfoz hai.’

Our media never bothered to highlight such things in the newsfeed to motivate our youngsters.

Now coming to 2005 earthquake “Pak fauj ko eham kirdaar adaa krna hoga” Media. They obviously did, Swat flood *Pak army called* Sialkot flood *Pak army called* Swat operation “Pak army” Zarb-e-Azb “Pak army”

I think agar cricket world cup 2015 me bhi army bhej de jaate toh Pak would have won the world cup easily. Now comes Yemen conflict where everyone’s eyes are on Pakistan. The world praises Pak army but our so called patriotic media is busy exaggerating the small issues. What happens last night in Rawalpindi was an officer of Pak army was going back to his home after finishing his job, a bike hits him, misbehaves, slaps and runs away. Pak army officer runs behind him and sorts out the situation. Media seems to be very happy bcz they found good news against army and publishes “Pak army k officer nay aik civilian ko sarkar pr ghaseeta”

And anti army people finds good news to cherish upon. What a shame on our media, the army that is being praised by the world is being criticized by its own media. ISI world # 1 ranked intelligence agency of Pakistan badly gets blamed by Geo News on the issue of Hamid Mir. Then comes Mama Qadeers issue of LUMS. He was called upon by LUMS to deliver a speech on human rights and later the event was canceled by the administration and again DG ISI was blamed for it.

My question from media.

Hazrat Ali said “ agar kisi k ehsaan ka badla ehsaan say nahe day sakty toh us k liye fitna na bno”.

Army sacrificed their youngsters their officers their jawans, what have you given them? Lose talks? Scandals against army? Allegations? What else? Currently we are in a state of war, our troops are fighting against TTP in FATA, and our army needs the support of civilians and media can do a lot by standing firm, showing the true picture of their army to the nation which will be obviously positive bcz we are positive.

To my Dear Nation. The picture of army is infront of you now its upto you which side of the picture you see, the picture that media shows? or the true picture that your eyes can clearly see. Army mulk ko bachanay k lye hoti hy, kse civilian ko marnay k lye nahe and this is exactly what our army is doing. Killing the enemies of peace.

Pak Army Zindabad




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