‪A call for Peace‬ ‪#‎Yemen‬

1998 onwards Pakistan army have been continuously in a state of war or busy serving the nation 24/7, it maybe 2005 earthquake, floods or any other disaster. Operation Rah-e-Rast, Rah-e-Nijaat, Peochar operation, Heli-borne operation, operation Jan Baz, Zarb-e-Azb, Khyber I, Khyber II…….. and the list continues. In the midnight of last Sat and Sunday 10 miscreants tried to enter Pak territory through Afghan border where they were shot dead. On the other side Chenab Rangers is busy dealing with Indian violation over the working boundary whereas Mujahid force is busy dealing with Indians over LOC Kashmir. In Karachi Sindh Rangers have launched operation against target killers. Another massive operation of being carried out by FC in the province of Balochistan. Few days ago an incident took place in Turbat where 10 workers were intentionally shot dead and verified whether they have been killed or not. Now FC is about to launch a grand operation in Makran which will be led by DG-FC himself for which many commandos are under training. Pakistan is currently going through a worst phase of terrorism and is not in a state to even provide a single armed soldier to facilitate any other state. Even civilians of Pakistan are currently sacrificing their lives to bring peace in the region for our upcoming generations *Suddenly another issue arises… ATTACK OF SAUDIA ON YEMEN” Panga lay k hmesha ki trha, *Pak fauj hmari madad kary ab* Why Pak fauj? Is our army on rent? We are in a state of war; our troops are fighting in many parts of the country. False news arises “Harmain Sharfain is in danger” Suddenly extremist gets pumped up and issues a statement “agr fauj na bheje gae toh hum khud is k difah k liye jaen gay” Ahle-Sunat Al-Jamat False news of media about the threat of Harmain Sharfein propagates in the mind of the people. Knowing that Saudi’s annual defence budget in more then ours and they can very well defend its state. In fact no one have guts to even look at our Holy places, the Islam will stand united to protect those places but not the territory of Saudia. To discuss the crisis of Yemen in National assembly the members were called upon to get their point of views but another issue arose *PTI be-sharmoo ki trha parliament me wapis aa gae* and stuff started. Just for the national interest PTI placed its ego aside and walked in the parliament but people were not keen to listen the joint decision and point of views of parliamentarians over the Yemen crisis but they were enjoying the speeches creating hates among the govt and opposition. This is what the media actually wants. The main issue was left behind (by the media although was discussed in the parliament) and they started emphasizing on the issue of speeches made by govt and opposition on each other. Anyway behind the scene politicians gave a good output by gathering on a joint decision which was also accepted by the PM that Pakistan must play neutral role on the issue of Saudia-Yemen war and decided not to send their army. It was  a great decision by the parliament on which PM also agreed upon. Some days passed and UAE issued a statement for Pakistan by looking at the decision of the house. It was not a statement in fact it was a threat. Yes a threat by a non-atomic power to an atomic power that you will have to pay a heavy price for not facilitating Saudia. Aren’t we currently paying a heavy price in the form of APS attack, Wagah border attack? Aren’t our soldiers paying heavy price to eliminate terrorism from the country?   Even our children are paying heavy price (APS attack) to eliminate terrorism. Dear Saudi and other extremist trying to disturb the peace of the region. It is the responsibility of Saudi Arabia to tackle its problem like Pakistan is elimination its terrorism by using their own army not of any other country. If someone dares to look at Harmain Sharfain that’s another thing on which OIC must be called and their should be joint decision of all Muslim countries not only Pakistan. Such matters are to be dealt by joint meetings not by giving threats to atomic powers so that non-Muslim countries get a plat-form to make fun upon. Interior minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan gave an excellent reply to UAE “This is not only ironic but a thought-provoking moment that a minister of UAE is hurling threats at Pakistan. The statement of the UAE minister is in stark violation of all diplomatic norms prevalent according to the principals of international relations,” Pakistan is an honoured nation and has brotherly emotions for the people of UAE along with Saudi Arabia, but this statement of an Emirati minister is equal to an offence against the ego of Pakistan and its people and is unacceptable. A dialogue for my dear extremist and Saudi’s : میں ایسی قوم سے ہوں جس کی فوج کی تعریف!زمانہ کرتا  ہے بڑا سعودیہ بنا پھِرتا ہے اکیلا لڑنے سے ڈرتا ہے “War creates nothing but deception” AL-Hadees To bring in peace in the region war must be avoided at all cost therefore it’s a great decision by Pakistani Politicians to play a neutral role in Yemen issue because Pak Army is also busy in bringing peace in the country for our upcoming generation so that they should not face terrorism problems as we are currently facing.


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