10452316_795830103780659_893595223169377366_n On 15th June 2014, a massive operation was launched against the terrorists in North Waziristan – FATA, under the command of COAS General Raheel Shareef . Zarb-e-Azb was named after the sword of Prophet Muhammad SAW. Corp Commander Pehshawar Lt General Khalid Rabbani’s son was in the first batch who led the FF (Frontier Force). Terrorists had strong positions in all over the North Waziristan. The operation was launched against the various militant groups, including the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Jundallah, al-Qaeda the East Turkestan Islamic movement ETIM, the Islamic movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) and the Haqqani network. Up to 30,000 Pakistani soldiers are involved in Zarb-e-Azb, described as a “comprehensive operation” to flush out all foreign and local militants hiding in North Waziristan. The operation has received widespread support from the Pakistani political, defence and civilian sectors. Today 300 days have been completed of operation Zarb-e-Azb and more than 2000 terrorists have been killed, factories involved in manufacturing explosive materials have been captured, 186 tunnels have been captured, 2898 riffles, 314 rocket launchers and 104 anti aircraft guns have been captured by Pakistan army. 90% of the area has been cleared from the terrorists by Pakistan army and IDP’s will be soon going back. 

Once Pakistan Army is done with this operation, development projects will follow same like South Waziristan and Swat. 108 kilometer long Tank-Makeen Road and 101 kilometer-Tank-Wana road with an approximated cost of Rs.2500million and these roads reduced the distance between SWA and KPK. Tank-Jandola Makeen road, Wana-Tanai-Gomal Zam Road, Gomal Zam Dam, and Repairing of Wana Degree College for Girls are some evidences of Pakistan development work done by Pakistan army. The same scheme was followed by Pak Army in Swat, constructed Kabal Girls College at an expenditure of Rs 30 million and declared it a monument college in District Swat. Several other projects in Kabal, Devlai, Totanu Bandai, Shah Dherai and Kuza Bandai were started. Pakistan Army had so far worked on parks, gym, youth Centre, library, snooker club as an entertainment points in the areas I personally visited Swat, People returned back to their places and routine life is back.
Pakistan Army would never leave the people of FATA in the lurch, as they are sacrificing against militancy. Without their support, the army would not be successful in operation against insurgents. Development projects will be initiated soon after the completion of the operation, the IDPs will return to their homes and Pak Army along with FATA Disaster management will carry the development work & a new model city will rise on the map of FATA. INSHALLAH!



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