Blame game by politicians diverts the attention of nation from operations to irrelevant issues


June 15, 2014 the nation stood united against the terrorism. The entire nation was on a similar platform. Every second person was talking about the operation going on. IDPs migrated and the area was left for Pak army to deal with terrorists. “oo yaar dehasht-gardo ki sahi shamat ae hui hy”. Every second person was saying this thing. Media channels were playing motivational songs for the youngsters to boost up the morale of Pak army. Funding camps for IDPs were set in which every single child was donating. It had been 2 months and the issue of Dharna arose. Now media channels found a new entertainment and started giving coverage to dharna all over the day and at night called upon different analysts to discuss the issues of dharnas.

In the meanwhile the nation especially youth was so attracted by the fights of words b/w govt and opposition that they forgot that we are currently in a state of war and rather then supporting their troops they had only one thing in their minds i.e “aaj dharnay ka kya ho ga. Redzone me enter? Lathi charge? “. This is what went through their minds and it was all due to the honorable media and blame game by politician.
31st August 2014 was considered to be a war infact a civil war. The nation forgot that actual war is being fought in FATA not in Islamabad. A new controversy started and gained the attention of the public. Then parliament session started and blame game started. “hum pur amn thy”
“nahe aap nay red line ki khilaf warzi ki”
“nahe pehl aap nay ki”
All of this started. Media got something to cherish upon. And it all remained till 16th December 2014 when politicians were busy playing their blame game and were planning to have another civil war like it happened on 08th December 2014 in Faisalabad.
When politicians were planning to prepare against each other and chose 16th Dec 2014 to block the country and later delayed it to 18th December 2014 some people were planning something else behind the scene. Those some people were the TERRORISTs who crossed all limits of humanity and attacked APS Peshawar on 16th December 2014 and killed 140 children and other staff members. This was a black day in the history of Pakistan. By the sacrifice of those children politicians decided to unite. They finally got united and the issue of dharna was all over. APC was called where all parties attended the conference. Few days passed and the issue of petrol crisis arose, their was miles long lines on petrol stations and again the united politicians scattered and blame game started and diverted publics attention towards themselves and blame game started.
“yeh hukamat naa-ahel hay”
“wazir e khazana is k zimaydaar hy”
“yeh bhi dharnay ka kasur hy” ALL OF IT STARTED AGAIN
Judicial commission bna do wrna hum dubara sarkoo pr aa rhy hy”
Public’s attention from operation Zarb-e-Azb was again badly disturbed.
Now operaation have enterted in its new stage i.e Khyber 2 but politicians are still busy “Parliament pr hamla k zimaydaar aap hein”, “hum nay nahe keya” *recording shown…. “yeh kisi ki awaz record krna jurm hay”… Media forgot the incident of APS and is still busy in capturing NA-246, Imran Khan vs Altaf Hussian and their blame games and have forgot the main issue i.e the fight against terrorism
While politicians are busy in playing blame games in the meanwhile Pak army have cleared 90% of the North Waziristan and soon IDPs will be sent back. Once Pakistan Army is done with this operation, development projects will follow same like South Waziristan and Swat. 108 kilometer long Tank-Makeen Road and 101 kilometer-Tank-Wana road with an approximated cost of Rs.2500million and these roads reduced the distance between SWA and KPK. Tank-Jandola Makeen road, Wana-Tanai-Gomal Zam Road, Gomal Zam Dam, and Repairing of Wana Degree College for Girls are some evidences of Pakistan development work done by Pakistan army. The same scheme was followed by Pak Army in Swat, constructed Kabal Girls College at an expenditure of Rs 30 million and declared it a monument college in District Swat. Several other projects in Kabal, Devlai, Totanu Bandai, Shah Dherai and Kuza Bandai were started. Pakistan Army had so far worked on parks, gym, youth Centre, library, snooker club as an entertainment points in the areas I personally visited Swat, People returned back to their places and routine life is back.

Politicians must stop blame game and direct the nation towards one similar cause which is for the benefit of the country not their personal benefit because to win the battle the troops standing on the border needs the support of the nation


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